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Fastrak 90 Autoloader

MODEL FASTRAK 90 (Factory installed on EVO)
(Up & Down)
Experienced operators can pick up one can at one stop in 5-8 seconds from wheels stopped to wheels rolling while operating gripper at engine idle and in gear.
REACH 72 inches from tub centerline to truck side
LIFT CAPACITY (100% Duty Cycle) 500 pounds
OVERALL WIDTH Within 96 inches legal width in travel position
RAM CYCLE TIME 17 seconds at 1450 RPM
PACKING Continuous pack & load capability
COUPLING 30-100 gallon round or dual-purpose wheeled plastic tubs
HEIGHT WHEN RAISED Tub's highest point is at roofline
HYDRAULICS PUMP Commercial Gear Pump
CONTROLS LOADER Dual-axis joystick-boom & reach
Thumb-action rocker-switch integral to joystick-grip
Excellent "feathering" capability
User-friendly location
One-hand, low-effort control
SEATING RIGHT SIDE Bostrom 700 Series
Breathable, tough, slip-resistant woven cloth
Fore/aft adjustable
Seat back tilt adjustable
Lumbar adjustable
LEFT SIDE Bostrom flip-up bottom
CHARGING HOPPER VOLUME MAG-20 - 2.3 cubic yards
T-25 - 3.1 cubic yards

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